Maxiiot strives to improve our product and service ,create values for customers

Service Mode

Product Design Service

Provide design service of devices and sensors ,enable customers to architecture the IoT system more flexible and convenient.

Network Building Service

By implementing IoT based network, data of sensors in the coverage area can be collected and upload to the cloud. Gateway is the best choice to realize M2M connection.

Cloud Data Service

According to customer’s requirement , private cloud can be provided to build local server , to achieve data storage ,processing and analysis.

Customized Service

Maxiiot accept customize service in the area of device development and IoT application .

Development Process

Quality Assurance

MES Production Execution System

Our factory is located in Shenzhen China , and the production line is strictly managed according to the ISO9001 and ISO-14001 quality certification system .

By implementing MES(Manufacturing Execution System) during the production, our product can be tracked from the bill of material layer to the final product , which can highly improve the timeliness & accuracy of production data statistical and analysis, avoid human interference , up-to-date on all the operation information include production plan, scheduling, quality , production process and equipment etc...Thus the relevant departments can find out problems and solve them in time, to achieve fine management.